Manufactured Homes Washington

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Everybody wants a great home to live in and thankfully there are many good choices to choose from.  One option that is gaining respect in Washington State is manufactured homes.   Like just about every product being made the quality of manufactured homes has increased, but are they really the best choice for you.  To answer that question we need to dive into what manufactured homes are.

To start with their construction is different from site built home.  Since they are built in a factory, usually far away from where they are sold, they have to be designed to travel.  With this in mind every manufactured home is built on top of a metal I Beam chassis with wheels.  In the front is a hitch assembly that is used to attach the home to a transport truck.  When the home is set the wheels and hitch assemble can be removed, but the chassis remains. 

Another important difference is the building code requirements.  Manufactured homes are built to HUD codes.  HUD codes preempt all other codes.  Traditionally they are less restrictive than the International Building Codes (IBC).  Two simple examples are roof snow loads and foundations.  IBC homes must meet or exceed local snow loads where the home is built.  Meeting local snow loads is not required by HUD codes and this is why you see manufactured homes in high snow areas covered by sheds.  In addition, foundation requirements are also watered down allowing manufactured homes to be set on several types of non-permanent foundation.  This makes them susceptible to damage from high winds, floods and other environmental calamities.